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Welcome, I’m Thyrza Insley I Love all things, Wellness for our Wellbeing and our Natural Universe.

I am a passionate Metaphysician (BA), Life Stylist, Meditation Teacher and Wellbeing Coach.

This is a little place where I share my knowledge, experiences, education via talks, video blogs and workshops about modern & practical spirituality, wellness, organic living, health, beautification ~ inside and out!, happiness, our world, truths, compassion and all thing that help live life courageously.

Fall in Love with taking Care of Yourself and your Environment.

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You have the ability to heal your mind, body and life beyond what you have been made to believe and programmed to think!

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Kick start your new healthy and happy lifestyle at a workshop where you will discover your
true power to create optimal health and happiness in your life.
Support your Mind and Body with these fabulous detoxing products while on your journey back to genuine health & happiness.
Stay on track with 12 weeks of Coaching to help create and make lasting change with your health & happiness.
Enjoy and understand your spiritual self and journey by grabbing your Free Spiritual Self Development Course Now!

I am incredibly blessed to be able to help so many people in different ways on this amazing journey and have been privileged to walk with them through their own transformation.

Articles and Meditations

Be enlightened and feed your spirit.
Learn new tools, understand your being and be inspired to
make genuine changes to your new life.

The Secrets to Finding Peace with Negativity 800 600 A Divine Universe

The Secrets to Finding Peace with Negativity

A miraculous transformation occurs when you realize that every experience is a doorway to the Divine.

Living In The Now 800 600 A Divine Universe

Living In The Now

We stress in our classes the vital need to ‘live in the now’ – not wasting energy looking back on the past with regret,

Universal Mind Meditation 800 600 A Divine Universe

Universal Mind Meditation

“You are pure in Spirit, you always have been, and always will be.”

What My Clients Say

I have done several group workshops and one on one sessions with Thyrza over the past 5yrs through different stages in my life. Her workshops are packed with information and her education and experience really separate her as a facilitator. I have invested in many personal and spiritual development workshops and courses over the years however I found that the value Thyrza provides in content and the way that she delivers it is truly unique and highly transformational. I highly recommend Thyrzas workshops, courses and healing sessions to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, transformational and truly empowering experience.

Kathy Hall

I would highly recommend Thyrza’s services. I spoke to Thyrza as a healer for the first time at the beginning of this year (2017). She helped me a lot. She assisted me in making a big move across the country.

She helped me come up with my dream business I’m now in the process of setting up. She also helped me naturally heal a medical problem in just three months that was meant to be surgically removed.

This year has been incredible and I thank Thyrza for guiding me to my new life I never knew would be possible.

Charlotte Castle

Thyrza has been very helpful on my health journey with her ability to access spiritual insights as well as her down to earth practical, evidence based approaches. She’s given me the confidence to follow my own healing path, to not succumb to fear especially with something as serious as cancer. She’s genuinely a lovely, caring and upbeat practitioner who’s bent over backwards to help me overcome my mental and physical health blockages. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who’s simply struggling to find joy in life or even those who might be facing serious health concerns.

C.Williams - Perth, WA

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A Divine Universe

Thyrza Insley
Metaphysician – BA
Counsellor – Cert 3
Certified Access Practitioner – BP, BF
Tapping (EFT) Facilitator
Qualified Meditation Teacher
Life Stylist & Wellbeing Coach
Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant
Independent Researcher

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